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Your dental health is closely tied to other parts of your body. If the health of your gums and teeth declined, it would cause havoc on your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and other organ groups. Luckily, we have the ability to diagnose dental health issues before they grow into big problems. Not only is this great for your health, but it’s also affordable!

Catching dental problems early allows us to correct your health issues, preventing costly medical bills in the future. Here are the services we offer to our patients.

Comprehensive & Emergency Exams

Our team of highly skilled hygienists and dentists will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums. While we normally perform this procedure during a routine cleaning, there are instances where you may want an exam alone. This often occurs when a patient is concerned about an abnormality in their mouth – perhaps a growth, irregular amount of plaque, or pain somewhere. 

Whatever the case may be, our team will help you diagnose any dental health issues through our comprehensive exam process. In the past we’ve been capable of identifying cavities, gingivitis, and even oral cancer before they turned into major health concerns for patients.

Dental Imaging: Visual Mapping of Gums, Teeth, & Oral Tissue

Our state of the art facility houses some of the the most advanced dental imaging tech to date. These powerful tools allows us to gain a deep understanding of each patient’s dental health & correctly diagnose any conditions. Here’s a short list of the imaging services we have to offer.

  • IntraOral Photography
  • ExtraOral Photography
  •  X-Rays
  •  Panorex
  •  CBCT Scans/ 3D Scans

Oral Cancer Screenings

We believe prevention is the highest priority in the medical industry. That’s why we proudly offer oral cancer screenings to our patients. This is perhaps the most valuable service we offer. Our oral screenings are meant to help people catch their oral cancer early on in order to increase the odds of survivability.

Many people have lost their lives to late diagnosed cancers. Our goal is not only to take care of your dental health, but also ensure your health and livelihood for the long term. If you notice any abnormalities or growths in your mouth, please do not hesitate to call us. 

There are cases where oral cancer development isn’t obvious as well. This is why we recommend regular dental checkups (every 6 months). Our staff performs oral cancer screenings during each cleaning.


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