Detecting Oral Problems Early with Diagnostic Dental Services

Your mouth serves as the gateway to your body. When the health of your teeth and gums decline, it compromises your respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and other organ groups. Before your dental health issues become a huge problem, come to AccuCare Dental Centers, P.C. As a Scottsdale-based dental practice, we provide diagnostic dental care to identify oral problems early and treat them as soon as possible. Undergoing oral treatment at an early stage saves you from paying costly medical bills in the future.

Our Range of Diagnostic Dental Services

Diagnostic Dental Care in AccuCare

We offer the following quality services to our patients:

  • Comprehensive and Emergency Diagnostic Dental Exams – We evaluate the condition of your gums and teeth thoroughly. Our dentists follow a comprehensive exam process to detect cavities, bone and gum recession, issues with existing dental restorations, gingivitis, cavities, oral cancer, and other problematic conditions that can turn into major health concerns. With our highly skilled team of dental professionals, you’ll know the dental health issues that require immediate attention and treatment.
  • Dental Imaging –We perform visual mapping of your teeth, gums, and oral tissue. Our dental practice offers Panorex, ExtraOral Photography, IntraOral Photography, X-Rays, and other imaging services to spot problems that may not be visible or apparent to the naked eye. We make sure to use the most current and advanced dental imaging technology. These powerful tools allow our dentists to diagnose any conditions correctly and gain a deep understanding of your oral health.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – Many individuals have lost their lives due to late cancer diagnoses. That’s why we perform oral screenings to detect oral cancer early and boost the odds of survivability.

Why Turn to Us for Your Oral Care Assessment

Here are additional reasons to have us perform your diagnostic exam:

  • Trusted by Generations of Families – Our focus on function, comfort, and appearance has led to families trusting us with their oral needs.
  • A Range of Payment Options – We make it easy for you to pay for our dental care services. We accept cash, credit card, check, and CareCredit.
  • Excellent Environment – When you enter our dental office, expect a welcoming and caring staff in a relaxing environment.

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