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Dental Implants in Scottsdale, AZ

Dental Implants: Tooth Restoration That Lasts a Lifetime

Looking for Dental Implants in Scottsdale ? At AccuCare Dental Centers, we are the ideal dental implant provider. We believe Dental Implants have truly revolutionized dentistry and are proud to offer our implants at the affordable price of only $1997! That includes the implant, abutment, & crown!

Improve The Function Of Your Teeth and Smile

Our goal at AccuCare Dental Centers is to preserve the natural state of your mouth. When we cannot save your tooth or your tooth is already missing, dental implants can preserve the bone structure of your jaw, prevent the appearance of aging, and give you the same functionality of your natural teeth. Patients are often surprised when they can’t tell the difference between their own teeth and their implants!

A Comfortable And Long-Term Solution For Your Smile

The procedure and healing phase are relatively painless after the dental implants have been placed. Best of all, because the implants are secured directly into your bone, they are one of the best longevity options on the market today. Our head implant dentist Dr. Alexander Carrol has 21 years of experience with heavy emphasis on Implantology. Experience matters when it comes to the success of your dental implants and with us your smile rests in good hands.

CT Scan Guided Implants

Our success rate is excellent and we do fantastic, conservative implant work – from replacing single teeth, to replacing multiple ones with completely implant supported bridges and dentures.

Our digital and CT guided workflow result in the correct placement of your implant with optimal aesthetics from start to finish with little to no discomfort and faster healing times.

State of The Art CEREC Machine

We’ve invested in the state of the art CEREC machine, which cuts down on the time required to create restoration crowns. This one of a kind equipment allows us to accurately craft your crown, achieve a better, healthier end result, and virtually eliminate the risk of any aesthetic mishaps. Watch the video below to see a demonstration and how it applies to dental implants.


Our dental practice is committed to providing every member of your family the best dental services in Scottsdale. Schedule your appointment today!



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